San Gabriel Mountains - Transverse Ranges

From Mountains of California

Mountain grass 1 - messy  Snow Line  Red Manzanita

Mountain Shed  Leaf litter 1 - acorns in transition

Desert Foothills  Yucca intersection  Mountain creek

Woods in the Mountains  Ladybug orgy  click to enlarge

2009 Station Fire

Leaf litter 3 - acorns, twigs and cones  Standing on water (water strider)  Outhouse in the woods

Mountain Urchin  Dead branches

Timber Management  Manzanita and yucca competing for space  Leaf litter 6 - scatter or pattern

Leaf litter 2 - branches and red  Big Tujunga

2009/09/02 - The Station Fire is now burning through many of the areas pictured.