Photographer Matt Carroll


About Matt Carroll

My photography is dedicated to the idea that by deepening our understanding of place, we can do better for the world. Some of my subject matter is natural and some urban, but most falls somewhere between. Both of the following are true: that humanity's impact is everywhere and that we are part of nature.

I like the term "landscape" for describing what I do. I see landscapes as living things and intend my photography to reflect that.

My geographic focus is California. I revisit places over years, discover connections among them, and develop themes for my work. Distant Pacific is one series that emerged from this iterative process.



My photography has been exhibited throughout Long Beach, California, including the El Dorado Nature Center, Village Grind, and Hellada Gallery. "Disney Concert Hall in Moonlight" won the Exposure 2006 competition in the category of Digital Black & White.

My bachelor degrees are in Geography and Environmental Studies, and these educational interests have greatly influenced my photography. I am a self-taught photographer, with much help from the community and the occasional workshop.

When I am not doing photography, I am a web and email marketing consultant. The website you are on,, is a laboratory where I combine my two passions, photography and marketing.



From the time that digital cameras were released, I knew that their ease of experimentation was for me. I use a 6MP Canon SLR. My post-capture processing is modest—just levels adjustments and sharpening. In almost all cases, what you see is what I saw.

The exception is my black and white work. The digital format is an exciting opportunity for black and white photography, especially for those of us who prefer to decide after capture whether color or black and white is best for a particular image.

The prints are made by me or West Coast Imaging, depending on requirements.