Orphan photographs

This is a holding area for photographs I have removed from projects they initially appeared in.

Sequoia Forest  Hills of snow  Fresh Sierra snowfall

Cholame Hills Above Foggy Valley, California  Countryside around Ronda  Powerlines across Andalucía

Sheep in the Cádiz countryside  A juncture in the Generalife Gardens  Dune field in the California desert

Glowing coral dunes  One Desert Sunflower - Geraea canescens  Restaurant in Belmont Shore

Belmont Pier  Leaf litter 4 - cones and granite  Leaf litter 5 - fine

Ensnared sage  Our Lord's Candle Yucca  Boat Wake

Appian Way Bridge 2  Leaf litter 7 - twigs and green  Autumn thicket - midafternoon

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